Workspace ONE Intelligence

Integrated Insights, App Analytics and Powerful Automation for Your Entire Digital Workspace


Workspace ONE Intelligence Overview

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Integrated Insights

Get complete visibility into your digital workspace and gain deep insights that enable data-driven decisions across your entire environment.

Unified visibility of devices, apps and users
- all in one place
Reports to access all the information needed to
make data-based decisions
Custom dashboards to keep an eye on
what matters most
Aggregate threat intelligence from existing security solutions and CVE feeds

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App Analytics

Optimize app development and app deployments across your organization and user base to quickly resolve issues, reduce escalations and improve user experience.

Monitor application performance to resolve issues quickly, fix what matters most and prioritize development efforts based on user impact
Measure app adoption and engagement to quickly understand how apps are used
Monitor user behavior to identify the most important flows or actions in your app and connect them with critical business metrics

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Powerful Automation

Automate policies to increase security hygiene across your environment, meet compliance requirements and improve user experience.

Automate processes across environments by defining rules that take actions based on a rich set of parameters
Create contextual workflows that automate remediation based on continuous verification of user risk, behavior, and device compliance for Zero Trust

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  1. Integrated Insights
  2. App Analytics
  3. Powerful Automation