VMware Mobile Security Alliance

Mitigate Mobile Threats
with Best-of-Breed
Security Solutions

VMware Mobile Security Alliance Members

Protect the Device

Detect modifications to device access privileges
Identify jailbroken or rooted devices
Block and un-enroll a device when a threat is detected
Enforce continuous device compliance

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Secure the App

Assess app risk with fast and automated app behavioral analysis
Block malware and ransomware from infecting corporate apps
Scan applications and determine access based on threats
Remove and block applications that display risky behavior

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Defend the Network

Limit mobile app users to specific internal networks
Scan the network for man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks
Block external targeted attacks on networks
Limit cyber-attack footprint if a network is breached

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Guard Cloud Resources

Enforce cloud data loss prevention (DLP) policies
Detect and prioritize cloud usage anomalies
Perform forensic analysis on cloud breaches
Enable adaptive cloud access based on device posture and user profile

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  1. Protect the Device
  2. Secure the App
  3. Defend the Network
  4. Guard Cloud Resources