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Mobile Application Development

Build and Customize Enterprise-ready Apps Faster

The VMware Workspace ONE platform gives mobile application developers and IT teams the tools to rapidly and cost effectively build, test, deploy and maintain enterprise-ready mobile apps. Whether you’re looking for advanced security with app containerization, analytics to measure user adoption, stability and performance, or seeking to improve your user experience with single sign-on, or zero-touch network tunneling, the Workspace ONE development tools are flexible to meet your unique requirements.

In addition to mobile application management, which unifies assignment, policy configuration and distribution of mobile, web and desktop applications to employees, the Workspace ONE mobile app development platform brings together multiple technologies for developers to empower their mobile applications:

  • The Workspace ONE Software Development Kit
  • Workspace ONE Unified Management following the AppConfig standard
  • Workspace ONE Application Wrapping

Workspace ONE SDK

Arm developers with the tools to roll out secure, enterprise-ready apps faster than ever with the Workspace ONE SDK

Reduce complexity and time to market by easily satisfying security and privacy requirements including user authentication, app-level passcode, data at rest encryption, network traffic tunneling, data loss prevention policies and more
Enable IT to remotely manage policies unique to each app or group of users through the Workspace ONE management console
Improve testability and resolve production issues faster with advanced app analytics, crash analysis and performance metrics in Workspace ONE Intelligence
Supports apps built on iOS, Android, Cordova, Xamarin and SAP Fiori

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AppConfig Community

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendor community standard for developing basic management and security capabilities in enterprise apps

Leverages native iOS and Android capabilities to configure and secure apps such as per-app VPN and OS managed data loss prevention policies
Enables developers to enhance their applications with custom policies that may be remotely configured in the Workspace ONE UEM administrative console
Supports both internally developed and public apps that have added EMM policy support

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Workspace ONE Application Wrapping

Add security and management capabilities to already developed applications

No code approach to adding basic security capabilities to an existing internally built mobile application
Provides access to a subset of SDK functionality

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  1. Workspace ONE SDK
  2. AppConfig Community
  3. Workspace ONE Application Wrapping