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Comprehensive Security

Leverage a modern enterprise security approach to secure employees, apps, endpoints and networks using Workspace ONE Trust Network.

Augment security capabilities of the Intelligence-driven Workspace ONE platform with a rich ecosystem of integrated partner solutions
Get an aggregated view by connecting security solution silos using a framework that leverages APIs and establishes trust
Uniquely combine access, device and app security and management with insights and automation, provided by Workspace ONE Intelligence, to mitigate risk
Protect against malware, data exfiltration and advanced persistent threats
Detect threats using continuous and adaptive monitoring
Automatically remediate with a powerful policy and decision engine for rapid mitigation response

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Secure the Employee

Empower the employee without sacrificing security using access management.

Enable one-touch single sign on (SSO) or multifactor authentication across web, cloud and native apps
Enforce conditional access based on authentication strength, data sensitivity, user location, device compliance and more
Revoke access automatically if compliance policies are violated or an employee leaves the company
Deliver the right apps to the right people with an identity-defined app catalog
Enable self-service by allowing employees to subscribe to apps across devices with automated or manual provisioning

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Secure the App

Add enterprise-grade security and configurations to apps while separating corporate data.

Secure app data at-rest and in-transit with AES 256-bit encryption.
Limit content sharing between work apps only with advanced data loss prevention (DLP) policies
Prevent data loss and govern access and activities in sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud app and services
Secure app connectivity across all major operating systems using VMware Tunnel for per-app VPN
Leverage VMware secure productivity apps, including VMware Boxer, Browser and Content Locker, to protect data and provide consumer-simple experience
Add advanced security and management capabilities to apps with the Workspace ONE SDK, app wrapping or AppConfig development framework

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Secure the Endpoint

Secure corporate information through device security and data loss prevention (DLP) policies.

Enable device-level encryption, data encryption and hardware security policies (TPM, biometrics, etc.)
Configure policies including app blacklists, device pairing, Wi-Fi security, TLS enforcement and more
Prevent data loss with app sharing permissions, copy/paste restrictions, geo-fencing policies, and more
Leverage machine learning for advanced threat prevention to protect against malware
Detect malware threats or jailbroken devices with continuous monitoring and automatically remediate with a remote lock, device wipe or customizable device quarantine controls
Secure device connectivity across all major operating systems using full-device VPN

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Secure the Network

Easily deploy, secure, monitor and manage devices.

Prevent unknown devices from connecting to corporate networks and configure certificate-based access to corporate VPN and Wi-Fi networks
Allow both internal and public apps to access corporate resources residing in your secure enterprise network on a per-app basis with VMware Tunnel
Minimize the attack surface of east-west traffic in the data center by using micro-segmentation capabilities with VMware NSX, automating security across the network.
Combine per-app VPN through VMware Tunnel with VMware NSX to deliver user-level micro-segmentation into the data center

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  1. Comprehensive Security
  2. Secure the Employee
  3. Secure the App
  4. Secure the Endpoint
  5. Secure the Network
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