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Netskope™ is the leading cloud access security broker (CASB). Netskope gives IT the ability to find, understand, and secure sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. With Netskope, organizations can direct usage, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance in real-time for any cloud app, whether accessed on the corporate network, remotely or from a mobile device.

Netskope enables you to find all of the cloud apps running in your enterprise and understand your risk. We maintain scores on thousands of apps in the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index™, which draws on objective security, auditability, and business continuity criteria adapted from the Cloud Security Alliance. Those scores are combined with your organization’s specific usage to determine each app’s risk and your overall cloud risk.

Beyond finding cloud apps, the Netskope Active Platform gives you rich activity- and data-level usage details. With Netskope, you can answer questions such as “Who’s sharing sensitive content outside of the company, and with whom?,” “Do we have any PCI residing in our cloud apps?,” and “Are any of my non-U.S. users downloading PII from HR apps?” In addition, you can take advantage of advanced anomaly detection to expose suspicious activities that could indicate compromised credentials, out-of-compliance behaviors, or even the presence of malware.

After you understand which apps you have and what people are doing in those apps, you can enforce granular policies to protect data and comply with regulations. You can enforce those policies in context, specifying policies like “Encrypt all content matching my ‘confidential’ DLP profile in cloud apps,” “Block the download of any .exe file from a cloud storage app,” or “Alert on the download of PII from any HR app to a mobile device.” This helps you narrow the policy aperture to a particular activity or a particular type of content you’re trying to protect. It also helps you minimize false positives and be precise in your control.

Netskope and VMware® AirWatch® seamlessly integrate to address the complex challenges arising from the increasing use of mobile devices and cloud apps in the enterprise. AirWatch’s rich functionality for managing all major mobile platforms and Netskope’s granular visibility and control of all cloud apps combine to give organizations the ability to safely enable employee use of mobile devices and cloud apps without compromising security and compliance.



Current Version: Netskope Active Platform
Release Date: Continuously Updated Cloud Service

Updates in this Version
⁃ iOS and Android advanced VPN for cloud access.
⁃ Support for Windows 8,8.1,10 Mac OS X per app/on demand VPN
⁃ Netskope Agent Product Provisioning

Mobile OS/Devices Supported
Android 4.1+, iOS 7.0+, Windows 8,8.1,10, Mac OS X

AirWatch Compatibility with this version
AirWatch 8.0+


About Netskope

Netskope™, the leading cloud access security broker (CASB), helps enterprises find, understand and secure sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. Through contextual awareness and a multi-mode architecture, Netskope sees the cloud differently. This results in the deepest visibility and control, the most advanced threat protection and data loss prevention and an unmatched breadth of security policies and workflows. The world’s largest companies choose Netskope, the only CASB that ensures compliant use of cloud apps in real-time, whether accessed on the corporate network, remotely or from a mobile device. With Netskope, enterprises move fast, with confidence.

Los Altos, CA, USA

Sales Contact

Shane Baxter
Alliances Director

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